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It seems Fuji is mostly giving rebates to new users though tying it to new body purchase. If your order a new X-Pro2 body you can add one of the XF f/2.0 lenses for $99.00 to $149.00 This practice leaves users who have been loyal to Fuji since the X-E1 days and have already upgraded out in the cold. I feel neglected and taken for granted. So, I’m calling on Fuji to do the right thing and give us our lens rebates!!!!

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Hi folks, my name is Dave born in Melbourne Australia but moved as a little boy to the UK in 72. While growing up I had an interest in photography trying to take holiday snaps when my father tried to teach me how to use a camera, I thought it was nice to have memories on film. Jumping most of my life I have now settled here in Brighton & Hove on the South East coast of East Sussex, with my wife and our little Jack Chi Susie, rescued from the RSPCA. I have a Canon 1100d and 70d plus too many lenses. So in September of this year I am getting a Fuji X-T2 + 18-55mm, reason why is, it is so heavy to carry my 70d and lens about. Years ago I had a Fuji XF1 and loved it, then sadly got the Lens control error, and thought never again have a fuji, but now I have tried the X-T2 I love it. As it is going to be another 6 weeks till I get the Fuji, it will give me time to really have a good look round this forum, I look forward to getting help if and when I get stuck.
I like all sorts of photography from airshows,landscape,architecture,and macro :)
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Hey folks.
This is gonna sound nitpicking but it caught my attention once and now I can not un-see it.
I was setting up the camera on a tripod to take a very precise shot of horizontal and vertical lines. Using bubbles, horizon, everything. That's when I noticed that my X-T2's screen and/or tilting mechanism is not flush with the rest of the body.
When the screen is extended outwards (not angled to the right side), you can tell there's a slight tilt that makes the left side of the screen assembly to stick out. Same setup but looking from the top, the screen is not parallel to the body but rather angled by a few degrees, right side in, left side out.
At first I thought it was just my eyes but then I found a way to 100% double-check the issue by comparing the alignment of the screen to the base of the tilt mechanism, which is perfectly straight (as it is connected to the camera body). Look:
As you can clearly see, light is coming from below and illuminating the metal piece behind. If the screen was perfectly straight, it would be the same on both sides.
I went to 2 camera shops and both cameras there were the same. Then I went to a third one and I've noticed it was indeed flush this time. The serial of the flush one was 72A52337.
Can you guys check yours? I have a feeling that Fuji might have correct this small issue with recent production units. Just post saying if yours is the same as mine, and if it isn't, please tell me the 2 starting digits of the serial.
Need to gather some evidence before I decide whether it's worth sending it to Fuji or not…
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Im torn between these two, the Zeiss probably makes more sense but their harder to find used. The 14mm Fuji is a little cheaper and easier to find good deals on. But is the Zeiss the more superior lens?…
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My new-to-me used 14/2.8 arrived yesterday. So far I'm very impressed - this one has a firmer aperture ring than the one I looked at before in the store, almost as nice as on my WR primes. A question about how the manual focus clutch works, though - this is my first lens with the pull-pack focusing ring.
From my earlier reading I was expecting that pulling back on the focusing ring not only unlocked the lens to allow manual focus, but it would also put the camera body (an XP2 in this case) into MF mode. What actually appears to be happening is it allows me to leave the camera in AF but manually override the focus so long as I keep the shutter button half depressed, just like with my WR primes. (I'm testing this in AF-S.)
This is the way things are supposed to work, right? I'm not damaging anything by using the focus ring on the lens while the body is still in AF-S? I'm guessing not because even with the lens clutch engaged it's still focus by wire, but I thought it prudent to ask.
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Recently I was analyzing Fuji X-T2 in camera recorded video. One technical point came in my mind that looks like Fuji sensor is capable of more then 8bit (4:2:0)? Looking on Scopes of different fuji footage with different lenses & different conditions I came to this thought.
Going into details: fuji lenses are capable of 4k video mean they are sharp enough.
Now when sensor record video on memory card (digitaly) I think sensor read more data then what is written on card (8bit).
I am not sure about Luma levels but more information can be extracted in Chroma.
I think fuji sensor can easily write 10bit (1024 levels) video - perhaps 4:2:2. Currently it is writing 8bit 4:2:0
Does above thought make sense?…
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There are several book on the X series camera or the X-Pro-2 which do people here recommend?…
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I am looking at a used E2 to get me started. My only camera for the last 10 years has been a Sony compact cheapo and my phone camera. Would this be a good place to start, or would it be worth spending some extra money on a later model. I am looking at a camera that is not to daunting to a beginner, does not have tiny controls and will stand me in good stead for a few years. If not the E2, which Fuji mirror less would you recommend. Any advice most welcome.
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Thanks for the add to the forum from an absolute beginner.
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I really do not belong here - literally , a year ago , I gate crashed the Fuji party with a new Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and 27mm which , as I have mentioned elsewhere , costing the princely sum of £220.
I fell for the handling , style , feel , sheer quality files from that amazing sensor and something otherwise from my snap shots .
Thanks to many , I am just getting the hang go the models and their differences and recognising that Fuji has something special .
I have dabbled in cameras for some years with
Initially , tried 4/3rds with a Leica Digilux 3 with that too massive lens . When 4/3rds died , found a more discrete Panasonic L1 with Olympus 14-42 for a more discrete £350 which I love .
Bought a new Leica M8 , from an inheritance , not because I can afford it , but in an attempt to retain that analogue interface . Using old 50s and USSR lenses , certainly never within the Leica fraternity .
It still has something special , but is a bot of a clunky these days . I don't need the £500 which it would sell for , so I am in it for the long term
Grabbed a Pentax K10d on close out which impressed me , but I wanted to use my Minolta Lenses
I was let down by Sony when they killed the SLR which could adopt my Minolta lenses then imposed the SLT with indifferent EVF . Fortunately , the 14mp CCD colours of the mercifully basic A290 work well with my Minolta 35-80 and 35mm f1.8 . Camera and lenses perfectly worthless !
Post X-Pro 1 , I came across a new Pentax K-S1 @ £220 / kit zoom / 35mm f2.5 because I have residual Pentax manual primes . It is amazing in it's crystal clear finder and low light ability .
I love the quirky compact handling .
It's the perfect kiddie chaser as a complement to the X-Pro 1 .
However , it does not grab me , I have no desire or inclination to expand the Pentax experience .
And Fujifilm .... ?
I have already added a new X-M1 /16-50 left in a bargain show case £ 162 without any ancillaries .
Of course , I was in a position to swap over the X-Pro battery and SD card and check it out - not something expected in a department store as it had been continuously reduced .
A new battery , SD card , the indulgence of a case and strap , £ 8 , and I have commenced on the slippery slope of Fuji Mania ...
I have no need of more lenses , I guess most like a selection , but the 41 mm equivalent is perfect , whereas the 35mm equivalent is too wide for me [ sensitive to distortion ]. Neither do I need a 24mp sensor .
The Pentax adds a perfectly useable 35mm and I have longer zooms for both L1 [ Olympus ] and Sony .
However , I would love to expand the Fuji fantasia to an X-T10 - before that is killed off .
Maybe used or clear out .
The other recent cameras were not targeted - it was a kind of opportunist browsing .
I have not considered positively upgrading , or adding another type of body since my Minolta SRT - XE1 - XD7 days .
Fujifilm seems an extension of the good old days .
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Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f/2 ZE Lens
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Received this notification today:
Hello Fellow Fuji Fan,
Tony Phillips here. Author of The Complete Guide to Fujifilm's X-Pro2.
Just a quick note to let you know I've written a 55 page addendum to the book covering all items updated in firmware 2.10, 3.0 and 3.10.
You might know, the current X-Pro book has been updated since it was first released to accommodate wireless flash, and firmware 2.01. That effort took several weeks, and added significant content to the book.
I have now completed an extensive 55 page addendum to bring the book up to date with all the latest firmware. The addendum is available on my website.
If you want the addendum, read about it at the link below. There’s a page explaining what’s included, and a Table of Contents.
Since the update represents approx 10% additional content to the book, there is a small charge - and the price of the book has increased accordingly since the addendum has been included.
X-Pro2 (55 page addendum):
X-Pro2 Addendum 3.10
The addendum is not included with printed books, or electronic (epub, mobi) books.
Download your PDF copy now at the above link. $2.45 USD. A download link will be emailed right back.
Best Regards,
Tony Phillips
Author, Photographer, Lecturer
I've also written a 61 page addendum for the X-T2.
X-T2 (61 page addendum):
X-T2 Addendum 2.10
If you purchased the PDF version of the book (after July 7, 2017), the addendum is in your download. If it is not, then you purchased before the change to the shopping cart - and the price.
Please let me know if you don’t want to be advised on further updates…
I’ve just ordered my second Godox AD200. Although I was determined to get the AD360II instead, I feel the AD200 will better suit my needs with regards macro photography. I also purchased 2 of the AD-L LED heads. As yet I haven’t found too much info on the LED heads as they are a new product but hope they will make for a nice constant light for macro work. Now with the Fuji triggers I’ll be able to use them with both my Nikon and Fuji cameras.
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I see the reviews are very good on the 18-55 2.8/4
I don't see many reviews on the 16-55/2.8 This is also more money but is it worth the additional money
How does the IQ compare to each of these lens.
I usually shoot weddings and do portraits and Social functions. No Sports
I am looking to Buy the XT-2 and 1 zoom that I can use wide angle and for Portraits .
Any suggestions great appreciated.
Thanks Dennis…
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Today I got an email from Photorumors stating Bowens is going out of business. That really stinks! I thought they were "the standard" in photographic lighting…
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These two ladies were working a beer festival event in middle America. I don't know if the ladies were drinking beer, but I do know the photographer was; usually I'm too shy to photograph strangers…
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Normally I am looking for sharp clean images but I decided to do something a bit different by playing with the Nik Silver Efex Pro software.
X-T1, ISO 200, 1/180 shutter, 56mm lens set to f2.2
Nikki 20170717 231-Edit-2.jpg
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This monday, I met with a former student of mine to take some pictures.
We made it a habit to meet each summer for a fun shoot and it was time again.
We started our tour in the old town of Zurich, Switzerland, where I asked her to sit down in this narrow side road. I minded the toursits staring much more than she did.
I was actually hoping for a lot moodier/darker images, but with her it's impossible to stay serious :D
On the other hand, it's incredibly hard to get bad shots, so I had a great time and came home with quite a few keepers.
I used my Canon 1Ds III with the Leica-R 90mm f/2 first
and here's the colour edit:
Unfortunately, later on, I never used the Leica again, even though, in retrospect, I have to say that it delivered the sharpest images of the bunch.
In the next post, I'll share some images that I took using my beloved Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM
ps: In case the colour edits displayed "orange/red"-ish, that's an issue I couldn't yet figure out how to solve. She's got a great tan that has people often asking her whether she's from Spain, but somehow the web browsers of many people seem to render the pictures too red (not mine, neither on my desktops, nor laptop, nor tablet or smartphone.. all show it correctly)…
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I took this picture of my 7-month-old son, with my "old" X-Pro1 and my new 90mm F/2. I think it might be the best portrait photo I have ever taken in 45 years of taking photographs. It's certainly not my skill that produced it, I credit the utterly fabulous 90mm F/2 and the lovely camera that Fuji has given us.
Two versions, color, and B&W, which do you guys think would be best as a larger print?
Calum BW2.jpg
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I found it kinda to humid and hot to take endless pictures in Hong Kong, but some turned out nice. Here are just two taken with the lovely 1-24.
by Bruno, on Flickr
[​IMG]Wu Kai Sha
by Bruno, on Flickr…
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A few hundred metres from where I live
St.Marys B&W.jpg
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Nice day today on The Mumbles.
HDR file, so maybe not to everyone's taste…
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Raynox DCR5320 (+3 or +2)
EXIF in frame
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Can this be done? If so please guide me. Thanks…
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Has anyone had experience with a Fujifilm NP-W126 battery that's been though the full cycle of a clothes washing machine?
When I'm "out taking pictures," I always carry on my person a charged battery and an empty SD card. Think Tank makes a very small woven fabric wallet for this combo.. It's my defense against the useless battery level readout on my X-E2. This time, the wallet remained in my pants pocket and went through the entire washing cycle. We retrieved it before a tumble in the dryer, however.
When the battery dried off, I checked its terminal voltages with a meter, and they matched those of a charged, unwashed battery. The battery's case appears to be intact, and, the next day, the battery took a topping-off charge for a few minutes with normal indications from the charger. The data sheet that ships with the Fujifilm battery warns against submersion in water (of course).
I use Fuji's own batteries because I agree with the admonition often seen in these forums: "If you're going to spend over one thousand on a camera and system components, why take a chance by spending $ ______ on a knock-off battery?" Now, it's "why take a chance on burning out the circuits on your beloved X-E2 by trying to save the cost of a stinkin' (but clean) new battery?"
I'd appreciate any advice or experience in a similar situation (e.g., falling into a stream, etc.) -- that is other than "check your pants pockets before putting them in the wash."
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I have not updated for a while. I am on ver. 4.30! I went the Fuji site and got the latest version, 5.20 and a few lens updates. I can install the lens update, but the body gives me an error message, "NEW FIRMWARE NOT BE FOUND". Any help would be appreciated?
Do I need to update previous versions before it will take the latest?…
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Im in need of a cheap wide angle lens that will also serve as a multi-function lens such as street photography. Cant decide whether to get the 18-55 or 16-50. Both have its own advatages, 18-55 can go 2.8 at wide end, while the later is 2mm wider. Price and size does not matter to me since their kind of close enough in those department…
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Hi every one,
I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could pick up a cheap adapter for my Auto Chinon 50mm F1.9 and for a Pentax SMC 50mm F1.7 I'm looking at. I only really want to spend about a tenner on each (10GBP). Thank you in advanced for any suggestion or ideas.
Kind regards,
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Fuji X-T2
I am finding this subject somewhat confusing.
At first I thought the camera had GPS, but it doesn't.
As I understand it the camera can access your location from your iPhone. However, I cannot find an app which will connect to the camera to do this.
The Fuji Camera Remote app is just that, it allows you to activate the camera from your phone but I can see nothing about geotagging in it.
Am I missing something here please?…
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Hi people,
I was just firing myself up for a spot of processing with C1 8 and got this message when I tried to open it. It seems others have had the same issue. Has anyone here experienced this issue and what was the outcome if you have? I have opened up a case with Phase One but they are always slow to get back. I'm now thinking Lightroom will have to be my next move. Cheers folks.
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So here's the premise: I live in South Africa and last travelled overseas (Europe) in 1979. Things have changed mightily since then!
My daughter has planned a wonderful 3-week self drive trip in France for us leaving early August.
My dilemma : What to take, what to leave behind. I have two bodies - the X-T2 and X-T20. I'm thinking of pairing the X-T20 with the 35mm f/2 and a light weight stick in the handbag for general use quickies. If I do that - will I still need to take the 18-55? Or do I take the zoom and leave the 35mm at home?
The other lenses I have (which will then go with the X-T2) are the 10-22 (yes, a definite) the 55-200 (yes a definite as well for some longer shots I know I will want). Then the rest are the 16mm (which I love) and 90mm (not necessary for this trip).
So the two I'm hesitant about are the 16mm (covered in the 10-24mm zoom and quite a heavy lens) and the very versatile and useful 18-55. Should I leave the 35mm at home and put the 18-55 on the X-T20?
What do I take? What is too much? Will I regret leaving anything behind? Will I regret having too much clutter?
Also... should I leave the X-T20 in one small handbag that's always with me and the other combo's (X-T2 with several lenses) in a decidated camera bag? Or throw everything in one big bag?…