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I wondered, I shoot in RAW / JPG with the X-T2. And open the Raw in Adobe Camera Raw.
That just goes well.
Now I wanted to adjust my camera profile (type of film) and that is possible. However, I only noticed now, now that I wanted to use it once that all types are there as in the camera, but Sepia is missing!
Is that normal? if so, why?
Not normal? can that be solved?
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Is it possible to turn Bracketing on/off via Fn Button on the x100F?…
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Just a simple Macro/Close Up snap taken in my studio of a Choisya Ternata flower using a 105mm Macro Lens with three Studio Flash heads, each with a largish Soft Box fitted against a Black Paper backdrop.
X-T1, 105mm Micro Nikkor (D) Lens, 1/125th @ F11, ISO-200, Multi Studio Flash.
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Thank you for looking.,
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Out for a walk recently on a very cold day, I spotted this beautiful creature swimming among pieces of ice on the Charles River. I was happy I had my camera with me!
wood duck.jpg
Fujifilm X-T2, 55-200 mm, f5.6, 1/250'…
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has anyone encountered this problem? sometimes when i took continues shot, first image when greenish and the next image when blueish, and repeated.
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A few weeks ago I purchased a set of JJC extension tubes (after reading about them in this fine forum) and besides just taking some snaps of random things I could find around the house I hadn´t found a use for them.
This past sunday I was out taking some landscape photos and I spotted some spiders in their web and I promptly went for my 11mm extension tube and took these. I have no idea what kind of spiders they are as I basic insect knowledge.
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Captured with my x100T. Converted to BW in LR via Nik Silver Effects Pro.
Thanks for looking,
San Diego, CA USA-2.jpg
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Around midday, 69 deg north
xf35 1.4. 1/60 f5.6 ISO 200 handheld…
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I love the theatre, both inside and out, for its design and colour. Internally it is predominantly orange and purple. Taken with my X100 and this is straight out of the box. The saturation is a little over the top, so my guess is that the sensor got something like and 'overload'. I really like it though, hence the share.
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I want to upgrade to the X-T2 and see that on the net prices vary enormously which is normal but does it matter from which country it comes? E.g. does living in Europe and buying from a european web site which says it will be mailed from Hong Kong create a risk? What about guarantees etc. Will buy new not used. Any advise much appreciated…
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I spent an hour or so wandering around Balboa Park in San Diego early Saturday evening, and without actually trying I wound up with a little collection of people taking photos. All shot with the X-Pro2 and XF35 F2 (which has quickly become my favorite walking-around camera). Acros-Y JPGs. Some are cropped, and occasionally added some vignetting.
More in the next post…
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At sunset last night, looking out at the Pacific Ocean from Coronado (San Diego), California. It was a beautiful evening to be out there.
X-Pro2, XF35 f2, 1/250 at f/8.0, ISO 250. Velvia JPG.
Apparently we weren't the only ones watching the sunset.
X-Pro2, XF35 f2, 1/250 at f/5.0, ISO 640. Velvia JPG…
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Near Point Reyes, CA
Cehck out my Please login or register to view links gallery…
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Here is Louie, XT-2 with 35mm f/2 WR at f/2, ISO 1600-
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I love acros with red filter setting. I load the raw file into LR and its color but when I use the LR fuji simulation the image is not the same as the in camera Acros setting. How have people been printing Acros images ?
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I do.
Put my X-T2 in my camera bag. Fairly tight squeeze as I had two flashes and two additional lenses sitting in there pretty snug. Zipped up, went for a walk. Came back, pulled out the camera. It was hot. What in Hades??? Something wrong with the grip? Short circuit somewhere? Hmmm. Turned on the viewer/playback mode. Black screen. Oh, tarnation. The screen's out! Wait, no, there's EXIF data for the black snapshot. Black snapshot? What? Wait, how many are there...too many to count.
The tight squeeze was actually depressing the shutter button. 11,500 black shots.
There. Next time you're feeling a little daft about some little mistake you made, remember me.
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Shot with my X100S. 3 exposure bracket combined via Photomatix Pro.
Thanks for looking!
San Diego, CA USA.jpg
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I have experimenting with these and I have some questions. My understanding is that they are both film simulations. Acros seems to have a bit more contrast and monochrome seems more uniform in tonality throughout the image. I was wondering if someone could explain some more of the distinctions. I have been using Acros with the Red Filter and it is just gorgeous.
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I managed to pick one of these up from ebay at a sensible price - intrigued to try these older takumar lenses
on the fuji, and also never used a preset style lens before. can't believe how tiny this thing's almost like a rangefinder lens in size...
first test shots show it has promise.
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more to come hopefully…
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We made a night visit to the monastery on Montserrat so my partner could listen to the sung vespers. My son and I walked out in the dark to the cross of St Michael. It's about a 25 min walk quite steeply uphill between evergreen oak woods where there were loud snuffling and cracking sounds and the occasional owl call. I took this photo on the way back, the cross is high to the right. The rocks are lit by the monastery lights, the glow in the sky behind is the loom of the industrial town of Martorell.
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My partner is selling his Pentax and replacing with a Fuji so we can share lenses (I may struggle with this part). He will immediately get the 18-55 zoom that came with my x-t20 and will probably want to add a longer zoom in time.
He had his Pentax for three years and only took 628 photos! So is less of an enthusiast, but might be inspired by Fuji greatness. We are not sure which of the previous generation to opt for, but he prefers the layout of the t1 and t10 so restricting choice to either of these.
Would appreciate views on what is best value, thanks…
Just wondering if you can use the Canon 580EX as a slave from the Nissin i60 ?
I can trigger the i60 with the 580 - but I just don't seem to be able to trigger the 580 with the i60.?
Any ideas
Thanks all…
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Images captured on Mt. Tam, looking out at the Pacific Ocean, Marin County, CA, late afternoon, shot 1 minute apart, processed in Lightroom.
X-T2, 35mm f/1.4
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im just curious what you guys using for classic chrome
noise reduction 0
sharpness 0
h tone 0
s tone 1
color 0…
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No Banksy, just a copy of this mans great work in Brighton. X-T2 + XF 35mm f2 manual.
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Driving across Nevada and stopped @ dusk for a few photos...
ISO was set a tad high,
But still happy with the images
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Looking towards Tromsø from about 50 mins drive south. Xf 14mm 25 secs. I walked in with a torch to light the road which I thought might improve it a bit. I have seen the lights before whilst on a diving trip to the Shetlands, but didn’t have a camera and they were much more faint than this. There is a lot of light pollution but I cannot complain. Plenty of people sharing my flight home never saw them at all…
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X-T2 + XF 35mm f2, the I360 here in Brighton is the worlds tallest thinnest observation tower.
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The back of the royal pavilion
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Today I archived my lenses. Here's a complete list:
M42 50mm
Carl Zeiss Jena - Tessar - 50mm 2.8 (8291989 - Zebra version)
Aus Jena - T - 50mm 2.8 (189403)
Aus Jena - T - 50mm 2.8 (10308284)
Pentacon - Auto - 50mm 1.8 (5610400)
Pentacon - Auto - 50mm 1.8 (3572030)
Pentacon - Auto - 50mm 1.8 (3678593)
Pentacon - Auto - 50mm 1.8 (3693023)
Meyer - Optik Gorlitz - Oreston - 50mm 1.8 (5322877)
Meyer - Optik Gorlitz - Oreston - 50mm 1.8 (3747249)
Meyer - Optik Gorlitz - Oreston - 50mm 1.8 (5358934)
Asahi Super Takumar - 50mm 1.4 (8 elements) (1211982)
Mamiya/Sekor - Auto - 50mm 2.0 (426296)
Mamiya/Sekor - Auto - 50mm 2.0 (87333)
Voigtlander - Color Ultron - 50mm 1.8 (2307523)
Industar - 50-2 - 50mm 3.5 (7543223)

M42 55mm

Sears - Auto - 55mm 1.4 (251388)
Chinon - Auto - 55mm 1.7 (222665)
Reflekta - Auto - 55mm 1.7 (690544)
Asahi Super Takumar 55mm 1.8 (3664535)
Fujinon 55mm 1.8 (549958)
Vivitar - Auto Macro - 55mm 2.8 (28602335)
M42 58mm
Helios - 44M - 58mm 2.0 (7751933)
Helios - 44-2 - 58mm 2.0 (0095820) (Zebra version)
M42 100mm
Pentacon - Auto - 100mm 2.8 (7074895)
Asahi Super Takumar - 105mm 2.8 (1712941)
Asahi Super Takumar - 105mm 2.8 (2352428)
M42 135mm
Osawa - MC - 135mm (212298)
Aus Jena - 135mm 3.5 (9389603)
Chinon - Auto - 135mm 2.8 (107244)
Pentacon - Electric MC - 135mm 2.8 (8307858)
Pentacon - 135mm 2.8 (15 blades) (8468240)
Pentacon - Auto MC - 135mm 2.8 (4312163)
Asahi Super Takumar - 135mm 3.5 (1222841)
Asahi Super Takumar - 135mm 3.5 (4192105)
M42 35mm
Aus Jena - Flektogon - 35mm 2.4 (10589534)
Enna Munchen - Lithagon - 35mm 2.8 (4001183)
M42 28mm
Pentacon - Auto - 29mm 2.8 (4101907)
Performance Optics - Multi Coated - 28mm 2.8 (850027)
Ria - 28mm 2.8 (690923)
Asahi Super Takumar - 28mm 3.5 (859376)
Asahi Super Takumar - 28mm 3.5 (3249113)
Vivitar - Auto Wide-Angle - 28mm 2.8 (3718850)
Vivitar - Auto Wide-Angle - 28mm 2.5 (22512679)

M42 200mm

Asahi Super Multi Coated Takumar - 200mm 4.0
Pentor - Auto - 200mm 3.5 (23331)
M42 Zoom Lenses
Coslinar - MC Auto Zoom - 70-215mm 3.5 (104345)
Makinon - MC Auto Zoom - 35-105mm 3.5 (777443)
Vivitar - Series 1 - 70-210 3.5 (First Edition) (22639469)
Vivitar - Series 1 - 70-210 3.5 (Second Edition) (37221177)
Telesar - Macro Zoom - 37-105mm 3.5 (77180)
Kenlock - Macro Zoom - 37-105mm 3.5 (285318)
Vivitar - Close Focusing Auto Zoom - 85-205mm 3.8 (22637519)
Vivitar - Close Focusing Auto Zoom - 70-150mm 3.8 (22613702)
Canon FD
Canon FD S.S.C. 50mm 1.4 (896327)
Canon FD Zoom S.S.C. - 80-200mm (42589)
Pentax PK
Chinon - Auto - 50mm 1.7 (C802888)
Asahi Pentax-M SMC 50mm 1.7 (6421754)
Vivitar - Series 1 - Auto Focus Zoom - 19-35mm 3.5-4.5
Pentax - Takumar - 135mm 2.5 (5549331)
Chinon - Auto Zoom - 35-70mm 2.7- 3.5 (601247)
Chinon - Auto - 135mm 2.8 (624211)
Takumar - A Zoom - 70-200mm 4.0 (5900154)
Sima SF Lens - 100mm 2.0 Soft Focus Lens
Nikon - AF Nikkor - 35-70mm 2.8 (802144)
Nikon - Series E - 100mm 2.8 (1862671)
Nikon - AF Nikkor - 35-70mm 3.3-4.5 (4773007)
Nikon - Zoom Nikkor - 43-86mm 3.5 (1026222)
Minolta MD
Minolta MC Rokkor - PF - 55mm 1.7 (3070485)
Minolta MD Rokkor - 50mm 1.7 (2404418)
Minolta MD Rokkor - 50mm 1.4 (3036982)
Minolta MD Zoom 35-70mm 3.5 (8014420)
Performance Optics - Zoom - 28-70mm 3.5-4.8 (870117)

Canon EOS - EF

Lensbaby Velvet 56mm 1.6 (LVB.015536)
Samyang - 85mm 1.4 (D111E4556)
Canon - STM - 50mm 1.8
Lensbaby Sweet 35 2.5
Lensbaby Edge 50
Lensbaby Edge 80
Lensbaby Double Glass Optic
Lensbaby 2.0
Canon EF-M
EF-M 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 STM
Meike - 35mm 1.7 (AF66E0302)
Vivitar - Auto Wide Angle - 35mm 2.8
DKL (Voigtlander)
Voigtlander - Color-Skopar 50mm 2.8
Voigtlander - Septon - 50mm 2.0 (6953805)
Voigtlander - Super Dynarex - 135mm 4.0 (6603788)
Voigtlander - Skoparex - 35mm 3.4 (5369389)

Fujinon XF

18-55mm 2.8-4 OIS (45A35411)
Zonlai - Discover - 35mm 1.8 (101660)


Vivitar - Auto Zoom 35-105mm 3.5 (37921414)


X-Fujinon-Z 43-75mm 3.5-4.5
K/AR (Konica)
Vivitar - Auto Telephoto - 135mm 2.8 (28778391)
Royal - Anastigmat - 75mm 3.5 (119057)
Rodenstock - Rodagon - 50mm 2.8 (10423528)…
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Fuji X-T1, ISO 200, 1/1000ss, Aperture Priority, 18-55mm lens f4.5 at 55mm focal length.
My lady is all bundled up and ready for a brisk walk in 7f temperatures in the snow near Chicago, Illinois. As shown in Please login or register to view links, just four days earlier we were enjoying low 70f temps on the motorcycle in Arizona. A few days before our trip David had postedPlease login or register to view linkswhich showed what we could expect.
How cold is it? The Chicago river has frozen. Due to it’s high levels of pollution, it was once said that alcohol would freeze before the Chicago River froze…
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Hi all went to London with the Fuji X70…
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I'm entirely new to photography and got a Fuji X-T20 last year. I've uploaded some images form the last few months, I'm wondering if anyone can spot any blatant mistakes in my pictures. I'm still trying to get my head around aperature, ISO and shutter speed lol - I have been shooting manually to learn from it.
Photos here: Please login or register to view links
Thanks to anyone who takes a look!
I'm using the Nissin i60a with my X-T2. I'm wondering how metering modes, and focus point affect the flash metering.
If I understand correctly, the Nissin uses a preflash to determine the correct amount of flash (ETTL). But does it use the metering mode (Spot, Average, Center Weighted) that the X-T2 is set to and the focus point that the camera is set to (single or multi).
Any explanation or pointers to resources on this greatly appreciated…
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Just a simple snap taken at Folkestone Kent UK of a line of local Fishing Boats in The Harbour all "Ready For The Off".
X-T1, 18-55mm Lens, 1/550th @ F8, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,