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This is Max. He's 90 years young.He is an acquaintance of mine. I attended a camera show today and saw Max sitting in a chair off to the side. It's been 6 or 7 years since I've seen Max so I went over to see him and we had a nice chat. He's such a nice, engaging man, He's a very good, accomplished photographer and is still shooting today. He has done some really great infrared b&w work. I posted this because I think the photo shows Max's warmth and intellect. He uses a monopod now as his cane. This is one of two shots taken with the x100s/wcl combo at ISO 5000. I had the camera set up before I entered the show so I just took it out and popped out two quick shots. Silver Efex processing. Say hi to Max.
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Anybody know how to change aspect ration from 16x9 (shot with camera) back to original size? It's easy to do with Lightroom, but I can't find a way to do it in C1 Pro. Thanks…
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Sorry if this question has been asked hundreds of times before but I am new to the Fuji (XT-2) Family and also editing in general. (Mostly focused on film recently)
The problem that I'm having is when I'm in Lightroom (Using the most recent update in Lightroom Classic Cloud) whenever I sharpen the raw images I get a weird painting like blur in the noise. I've read a lot about Iridient Developer being used for conversion and have downloaded the demo but I'm still not sure if that's the issue or not. As far what sharpening settings I've been using I took advice from another post on the forum from here (Please login or register to view links).
Any tips on Iridient or Lightroom settings that might help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 8.18.10 PM.png
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Was all set up to take some foliage pics when these guys flew into my shot. Did my best with AF-S, a slow shutter speed and a wide zoom!
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Been a while since I posted here. Been relearning the Fuji system, processing X-Trans files and working with new LED lighting....Thanks for looking!
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Enjoying my Ducati in this incredible October weather. Quick pic with the new X-E3 / Mitakon 35mm f0.95 ii.
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Yesterday, I went to the Portland Art Museum with three photo friends. I saw this frosted glass and had them each take a turn for a portrait. What do you think?
I used Silver Efex.
Annie at PAM 2017 B&W-Edit.jpg
Wade at PAM 2017 B&W-Edit.jpg
Lorraine B&W 2917.jpg
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Todays Yorkshire Pudding served up with a pork casserole cooked in a Slow Cooker ...
For those that will ask ...
4 ounces of plain flour
2 eggs
1/2 pint of milk
pinch of salt
Whip/beat up really well ... preferably leave standing for a few hours before making ...
Hot oven regulo 7, get small amount oil/fat stinking hot before putting the above mixture in :)
30 minutes at regulo 7, then 15 to 20 minutes at regulo 5
Enjoy ;)
PS ... I guess the conversion tables will be on 'meltdown' :eek:
Show us your culinary delights here please :)
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I had an issue and found the resolution so here it is if anyone else has this oddball behavior.
The information in the VF would disappear after my eye was at it for a 1/2 second or so, and reappear when I half pressed the shutter release.
After going a bit nutty, I found the simple answer of just pressing the "Display/Back" button one time. It reset whatever was causing this minor malfunction.
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I am new to the Fuji system and am having trouble with the front dial on my Xt-20 which I use for exposure compensation.
I know that there are two ways of using this, switching after depressing it: Exposure Comp and setting the aperture where it is appropriate.
However, I find it extremely frustrating to rotate the dial for Exp Comp, with it slipping between the two modes. Repressing often doesn't seem to help.
Am I just pressing too hard when I use the dial or is the response of my camera faulty?
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During a 3 week trip to and stay in Hatteras Village on the Outer Banks of NC I posted some pictures that had spots. I was using a computer with small screen and just seeking to post a few shots from the trip expecting to do the heaving lifting of processing when I returned home. I was abashed and somewhat sheepish that I didn't notice. I used a Rocket Blower on the sensor and cleaned the rear element on any lens I put on. The most likely culprit in my estimation was dust on the rear elements because, for a variety of reasons, I was not being nearly as careful as I normally am when changing lenses. Since returning home I just shot a white page and inspected for spots on the sensor finding none.
I'm curious, how often do folks inspect the rear element of any lens they are attaching. Do you find problems? They would be worse on long lenses would they not?…
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It is autumn here in the Netherlands, and not so special weather. So a little bit of time left. Then do something on the forum.

X-T2 | XF100-400 | XF1.4XTC

Meet Kevin "The master of hypnose"
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And a gorilla who noticed me, but totally ignores me
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Thanks for watching…
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Dear people,
Is there a possibility to transfer a photo from the fujifilm x100f through the ios app on high quality. I have the feeling that the fine jpg is not transferred on full resolution. It’s a pity, because this way I can’t make use of the full possibility of lightroom cc.
In the manual I can’t find it or in the settings of the app.
Somebody a solution?…
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yesterday I was shooting a wedding and I had some issues with the 56mm 1,2.
I like to be able to switch between back button AF and normal shutter AF. The fastest way is to leave the AF on on the shutter button and switch to MF to use the back button focus techqinue ...
Problem is when I am in MF and focus with the AF-L button, then when I press the shutter the camera doesnt take the picture immediately but the focus moves back and forth for a second and then takes the shot, the same doesn t happen if I disable the AF on the shutter button and keep the camera in AF... to me it should be the same...the focus is locked and the camera should take the picture immediately... why the camera moves fastly the focus back and forth in MF before taking the shot...?…
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The "new" Lightroom Classic doesn't interpret the DR modes right. Anyone the same experience? All my raw's in DR200% are just a stop to dark…
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Portrait of our 2 year old cavachon in her favourite chair by the window (X-T1/18-55) ...
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A very recent thread by 321estrellas offered a good discussion of this question from the other side. This Fuji user told us he wanted to decide if he should keep BOTH his x70 and his X100(I think "T")
My question is: do I buy a used x70 to go with my other Fuji gear and go out the door in a smaller pocket?
I shoot street, scenes, portraits, and some events with my wonderful x100T. It's one of the cameras I take with me everywhere. I have and also love an XPro-2. I put up with an XPro-1 that is interesting but makes me crazy sometimes. OK, I obviously like this gear because I have an X-T2 and grip, too. Recently sold my X-E2. But these other rigs are not part of this question.
Your feedback will help.
I just missed an eBay x70 unit which appeared to selling for $400US but well-organized buyers - perhaps with sniping software - took it up to almost $500 in the space of the last few minutes. So these bodies have held their value! Current new price here in the US seems to be $700. I also know I'd want an optical viewfinder to place on top. Another viewfinder brand -- that might not be suitable in some hard-to-predict way - is approximately $80 with the Fuji unit $150 minimum.
Perhaps the best route is to swap my x100T's Leica-style vented hood for one of those low-profile shroud hoods (small circle opening behind which the lens sees the world) and make my 100 fit into more of my pockets. My desired optical viewfinder -- offering WAY more tricks -- is already embedded in that body.
I do already take either the x100T or the XPro-2 out the door every time I leave the house. (I love the 35mm f1.4 and that's the alternative lens.)
But the Ricoh GR-like simplicity of the smaller camera is an interesting alternative. The dedicated x70 thread pinned at the top of this forum is full of compelling images. I could get used to the 28mm equivalancy. I did have the 18mm f2 for a while and often shoot with 24mm equivalent on Fuji and my Canons (FF). With value holding I could sell the camera if I tried it. (By the way, there well might not be an x80 judging from the lack of rumors.)
Long-winded post... I am torn and I could buy a 23mm f1.4 for the XP2 for about the same $$. This - for flexibility and sharper results in low light - has been a separate thought…
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I want to copy 35mm slides and 35mm negatives using either my 55mm f3.5 macro or a 60mm macro from Nikon with the ES-1 adapter.
Now the question is will mounting a Nikkor lens on my Fuji Xpro-1 affect the focus distance for copying slides due to the nikon to fuji adapter?…
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Does anyone know how to verify the number of photos on the sd card of my x-t20?
I can see how many shots until the card is full but not the shots taken.
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Two images from my hike in the Poconos. I always find waterfall images difficult to elevate above looking mundane/pretty -- for the b&w one below I tried to accent a dark/mysterious mood.
Higher quality uploads:
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My card reader stopped working, so I hooked up mini-usb to usb cable direct from camera to iMac.
A file or icon doesn't show up on desktop indicating camera is connected.
I have Silkypix raw file converter, PS4, and Silver Efex.
None of these programs recognize the camera is connected so I can't find my recent photos from today.
What am I doing wrong? Would iPhoto (which I never use) be causing conflict? Because when camera is connected direct to iMac and I turn on camera iPhoto pops up but I close it since I don't use it. How can I disable iPhoto for future anyway.
I have a nice camera and older iMac but I'm a beginner in many ways. I need directions for you folks how to get my recent photos directly from camera connected to iMac w/ usb cable…
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Hello all!
I just pulled the trigger on an almost new X100T with:
- 2 batteries
- Leathercase
- LA49 X100
Is this a good deal? To go for X100F would be almost twice the price…
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My daughter and I went for a photo walk today at a nature preserve. She had the Fuji XP-90 and I had the XT-2. We had a great time. This is one from the day. Thanks for looking.
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Anyone else using one of these? I'm using mine with a Fotodiox MD-FX adapter. No focus to infinity... but here's a straight out of camera JPEG of something a little closer, shot at maximum focal length on X-T2, wide open aperture.
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Enjoyed shooting with Monique Mccall, a country singer here in South Florida, and enjoying Fujifilm versus my old Canon system. Lol I had one Canon body, the mark iii; now I have three Fuji bodies and three lenses for less.
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Having some fun with my Mitakon 35mm f0.95 ii.
(last one = 50f1.2)…
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Last night at my neighbor’s. This was f2.0 and around 15 secs at 2500 ISO, roughly. This is a JPEG downloaded to my IPad from the memory card and processed using PS Express. Thanks for looking.
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Just a simple landscape snap taken at Folkestone Kent UK of The Inner Harbour and disused Rail Bridge.
X-T1, 10-24mm Lens, 1/400th @ F8, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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I picked up an X-T2 3 weeks ago. This is the first session I shot with the camera.
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XF 50mm f2.0 used on both shots.
I love working with this camera!…
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Just bought my X100Fourh edition.
Most impressing thing: the sensor - the high ISO without notice the grain!…
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My friend is a musician, toy inventor, and creative artist. He's also a great fan of Buckminster Fuller.
One of my friend's recent creations is a large geodesic ball. One of his challenges on this project was the fixtures at each tube's vertices which he had cut out of aluminum plate using a water jet machine. When the wind kicks up, the ball will usually start spinning slowly on its ball-bearing axles which is quite intriguing.
I took this photo at dusk using two speedlights. X-T2 and 14mm f/2.8.
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Hi guys. I recently went on a trip with my family and shot some videos with my X70. But I'm disappointed when I saw how bad the artifacts were when I watched them at home. Am I missing something with post-processing? Do I need to uncompress the videos? The screenshot below is shot with 1080p at 60fps. ISO is set to 400. I was hoping to slowmo some footage but I don't think the quality of most of my capture is usable for edit. Any help would be appreciated.
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I recently bought a new Fuji 16mm 1.4 lens after reading glowing reviews about it. However, for the price I am disappointed.
First, is the build quality. It's a heavy and solid all metal lens. However, the tolerances seem to be much looser than any other fuji lens I have. I have the 18-55mm kit lens, the 35mm f2 and a samyang 12mm f2. Every one of those lenses has a solid aperature ring. The 16mm has a wobbly aperature ring. Every one of those lenses also has a good manual focus ring. The 16mm one feels much looser.
Second, looser tolerances aside I was expecting the pictures to be much sharper. I am pixel peeping, however, the 35mm lens is noticeably sharper than the 16mm. I was expecting at the very least that this would be the sharpest lens from what I read in reviews. Is the 35mm f2 a sharper lens than the 16mm?
Did I get a bad copy or were my expectations too high?…
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I picked up an X-T1 on sale before a vacation. Since then I have really enjoyed the camera and taken an interest in photography…
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SOme first shots with my new XT-20